The glasses are called "The Flamboyant."INVISION TheFlamboyant

Powder & Heat, an eyewear company based in Germany, has been honored with the German Design Award for its 3-D printed glasses called “The Flamboyant.”

The company “set out to create a pair of comfortable and lightweight sunglasses that could be customized easily by customers,” according to

The award comes in the “Excellent Product Design” category.

Georg Vollmer, designer of the glasses, is quoted as saying: “Our designs are modelled on a computer and then 3D printed. A laser melts polyamide in layers from a powder bed into any conceivable shape, so each individual pair of glasses is created layer by layer. The extremely light frames are hand-sanded, dyed and polished, and then released into the world fitted with the very best lenses.”

Powder & Heat offer several designs in addition to The Flamboyant, with prices starting at 240 euros, or about US $264.


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