01 Dec A Lasting Attitude of Gratitude

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Thanksgiving is over, but the entire holiday season is a good one to practice an “attitude of gratitude.”

Think about how little time it would take to jot short personal notes to people who’ve helped you this year, either through big sales or small kindnesses. Can you do two or three each day in December?

Writing on LinkedIn last week, Laszlo Bock of Google quoted happiness expert Shawn Achor. “Happiness can be a choice. But it’s a choice that we can influence through our organizations,” Achor says. “And when we do so, it becomes the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy.”

Achor recommends we take two minutes each day to express gratitude. Write down three new things for which you’re grateful, or spend two minutes each day praising or thanking a person you know. Commit to doing that every day for 21 days. By then, gratitude will be a habit, and you’ll realize what great connections you have — and how blessed you are.

Sounds like a good way to celebrate the holidays and get ready for another good year.

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Julie Fanselow

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