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Is your appointment   book jam-packed with back-to-school business? If not, it’s time to contact your local TV station, newspaper columnist or radio talk show host to suggest a story on the importance of student eye exams.

Here’s the thing: Reporters and editors love statistics, and they’re always looking for family-friendly news hooks and timely stories. Back-to-school coverage is always big, and the American Optometric Association has just helpfully given us five key stats to use as talking points when you contact your local newshounds. 

One strong angle is how parents seriously underestimate the amount of screen time their children log each day. Four in 10 kids say they use electronic devices five or more hours each day, but only 10 percent of parents estimate that level of device usage. Another telling stat: 80 percent of kids surveyed say they’ve had signs of digital eyestrain after using their devices. 

The Affordable Care Act means all children are eligible for an annual eye exam. Help their families find you now -- and get some timely free publicity for your practice while you’re at it.  


Hat tip to Vision Source for its Facebook post on this topic! 

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Julie Fanselow

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