20 Jul Back-to-School Tips for You

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Yes, we know the calendar says July, but you know back-to-school season is definitely here. We hope your appointment calendars are packed with families coming in for exams and new eyewear before the school year starts.

It’s not too late to plan some smart marketing. Our latest Benchmarks article features examples of back-to-school promotions, and it takes a broad view of that term: events like a book drive and 5K race can be effective ways to generate back-to-school business, and check out the number of shares Dr. Nathan Bonilla-Warford got for a back-to-school social media post he made last July 21.

Looking for some tips for your email blasts or social media posts? The folks at WestGroupe, makers of Superflex eyewear for kids, have an infographic with some handy tips for parents. (Examples: Have a back-up pair. Let your child have a say in choosing their frames.)

Another idea: Encourage people to use their flex-dollars for back-to-school eyewear needs. People have access to their full flex account balance all year, so this might be the perfect time for families to tap those dollars, especially when other expenses (clothing, books, tuition and fees, etc.) can make budgets extra tight.

If you have another example of effective back-to-school promotions of any kind, tell us in the comments below.

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Julie Fanselow

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