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In each issue of INVISION,  we feature a Smooth Seller -- someone who has mastered the art of eyewear retailing. Each of our past two interviewees for the column said almost exactly the same thing.

Sam Morgenstern of Princeton Optical Group in New Jersey told us that opticians are first and foremost problem solvers. “Patients come into us because they cannot see. We are there to help correct this,” he says. Adds Kira Connally of Spectacles West in Weatherford, TX, “If I met someone on their very first day in optical sales, I’d tell them to listen more and speak less. Be a problem solver first, a salesperson second.”

Al Cleinman echoes this in his column in our current issue, noting how the evolving vision care field will reward those who can adapt to the changes under way. “Out of this turmoil will emerge a profession with a wider scope and deeper services,” he writes. “Optometrists will become productivity specialists who help people access new technologies and achieve better overall health.”

Problem solvers. Productivity specialists. That’s you! And that’s worth something.

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Julie Fanselow

Julie Fanselow is INVISION editor-in-chief. She has been wearing glasses since the fourth grade -- right about the same time she decided she wanted to be a journalist. Coincidence?