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I've just finished proofing the pages for our upcoming INVISION cover story for February, "The Year of Reading Seriously," and I have two thoughts:

Number 1: I have some reading to do myself! David Squires, our editorial director, pulled most of this amazing package together, and he must already hold a record for most business books consumed in a lifetime (and he's read many that didn't make this list). There are dozens of titles on the list I haven't yet read, but I definitely want to. I know our readers will, too.

Number 2: The challenge we issue in this feature is that eyecare pros will spend some dedicated time in 2015 delving into classic and recent business books. (We list 52 of them, in case you have the time, desire and mental bandwidth to read one every single week -- but we totally understand if you can only get to a fraction of that number.) The goal, as David writes in the intro, is to "create a vast mental library of business-changing ideas for your future." Well, I'm thinking about how we might extend this invitation further and make this list even more useful to you.

Maybe we'll post a monthly thread here and/or on our Facebook page where you can share what you've been reading and how you're implementing the ideas in your business. Maybe you'll write us a letter-to-the-editor with your favorite pearls of wisdom.

Or perhaps you can use the YRS book list as an excuse to launch a team-building book-club at your business. Say you all agree to read a book that seems especially relevant to your vision care business, then you go out for lunch or happy hour to talk about it. (Of course, you can do this once a month with the latest issue of INVISION, too. If you do, send us a photo of you and your team at your "magazine club.")

Anyway, I'm sure once you see the story, you'll have ideas of your own on how to use it. Watch our website for your first look later this month!

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Julie Fanselow

Julie Fanselow is INVISION editor-in-chief. She has been wearing glasses since the fourth grade -- right about the same time she decided she wanted to be a journalist. Coincidence?