16 Sep How ECPs Can Help Firefighters

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California is burning -- and firefighters need your help.

As of this morning, the Valley Fire in Lake County, CA, had burned nearly 70,000 acres since starting Sep. 12. Scott Balestreri, who owns Bad Ass Optical Lab in Oakland, CA, has put out the word that eye wash for the firefighters is in short supply, and he is working with one of his lab's accounts near the Northern California fires to get eye wash -- the most requested item in the firefighters' medical tent -- where it's needed.

"If you have extra bottles of eye wash, saline, or general use eye lubricants, please forward them to Bad Ass Optical, and we will get them to where they are needed badly. In some cases, we can deliver these same day," he says.

The address is Bad Ass Optical Lab, 1724 Mandela Parkway #4, Oakland, CA 94607.

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Julie Fanselow

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