13 May INVISION Salutes Small Business Adventurers

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It’s National Small Business Week, and INVISION wants to salute eyecare practices and optical retailers on this annual occasion -- and every week, for that matter.

I still remember a really good ad campaign that ran about 20 years ago. US Bank took out two-page spreads in newspapers and magazines. Stunning photos showed people pursuing adventure sports of one kind or another: rock climbing, windsurfing, bungee jumping and so on. The tag line on each ad was the same -- something along the lines of “Yeah, but does he have the guts to run his own business?”

You know it’s true: Owning a small business can be an extreme sport. You put in long hours, especially in the ramp-up years. You sometimes need to make split-second decisions. You’re often working without a net, and the work can be physically demanding. But the rewards are there, too: You chart your own destiny. You engage your passions and creativity. You build something that reflects your values -- and that has value.

You may not spend your weekends or vacation days rolling a kayak or climbing sheer rock faces, but if you run a small business, your spirit of adventure is strong. If you ever feel that spirit flagging, pick up the latest edition of INVISION, where you’ll find ideas and information to newly inspire and engage you.

Meanwhile, check out the Small Business Administration’s SBW website for online events planned this week and more information to grow your business.

P.S. If you have stories to share about adventures in running your own eyecare business, we want to hear from you. Email me.

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Julie Fanselow

Julie Fanselow is INVISION editor-in-chief. She has been wearing glasses since the fourth grade -- right about the same time she decided she wanted to be a journalist. Coincidence?