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Summertime is movie time. On a hot summer evening, there's nothing like settling in at the air-conditioned picture show for a few hours of dinosaurs, superheroes, space travel or witty repartee.

Of course, ever since I got involved with INVISION, I can't even watch a movie without wondering what glasses the actors are wearing. (Seriously. The glasses are sometimes the best thing IN a movie.) What I want to know is who places eyewear in films. Is that a job? If you have it, let me know because I want to interview you.

While searching for information on this topic, I found a post with one man's opinion about the all-time Top 10 product placements in films and TV. One eyewear brand has two mentions in the Top 10. I'm guessing you know what it is. The films are from the 1980s, and the brand still ranks high on our Hot Sellers list every month in 2015. Check it out.

While we're on the topic, here's an infographic with a more far-ranging look at some inspired eyewear choices from the movies. What are some of your favorites, from among these or elsewhere?

If you're looking for good material for your window displays, online posts or even a party or trunk show theme, you can find it at the movies.

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Julie Fanselow

Julie Fanselow is INVISION editor-in-chief. She has been wearing glasses since the fourth grade -- right about the same time she decided she wanted to be a journalist. Coincidence?