21 Nov The Power of Connection

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I've become a big fan of The Story of Telling, a marketing blog by Bernadette Jiwa. Here's what she had to say today:

What matters in world where.…we can tell a device to order the shopping, place our coffee order without speaking, have a conversation involving thumbs and zero eye contact and before we know it, get to our destination in a driverless car? What’s scarce today will be even more scarce tomorrow. And that’s our opportunity.

As Jiwa writes, there's real value in human connection in our low-touch world. Sure, people can likely get eyewear somewhere cheaper than your shop -- but it'll probably be a cheap experience overall.

Think about the business you want to have -- and the company you want to keep. Chances are, your current and would-be customers value their dwindling opportunities for real connection, so give it to them.

Here's another recent post I really liked from Jiwa, What Does Your Marketing Do?

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Julie Fanselow

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