06 May The Sunglasses You Can't Leave Behind

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How many pairs of sunglasses have you lost in your life? BGR.com reports on Tzukuri, a new line of handmade Japanese sunwear that incorporates Apple’s tiny iBeacon chip so your phone can alert you if you leave your sunglasses behind. Read more here.

On one hand, it’s useful -- especially if you’ve sprung $349 for your sunglasses. The alerts work in reverse, too; if you walk away from your phone while wearing the sunglasses, it starts ringing loudly.

I have mixed feelings about this, as I do about most wearable technology. I like to occasionally go for walks without my phone, and I’d be annoyed if I slipped on my shades and slipped out the door, only to hear my phone beseeching me to return.

I recently read -- and highly recommend -- Dave Eggers’ latest novel, The Circle, about what it’s like to live in an always-connected world. If we rely on technology to take responsibility for our forgetfulness, it’s worth asking what we might forfeit in the process.

From the brand’s FAQ, it appears Tzukuris will only be available in plano models. Those of us requiring prescription glasses for myopia already have that good old low-tech reminder system: We can’t go very far without them.

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Julie Fanselow

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