07 Apr Vision Expo -- four days to remember

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As a newcomer to the eyewear and eyecare field, my first Vision Expo East felt like a combination of boot camp and candy store. At continuing education programs, I learned about making the most of vision care plans from Jay Binkowitz, savvy merchandising from Corinne McCormack and trendspotting with David Friedfeld. I met dozens of people, from dynamic new Luxottica president Holly Rush to INVISION columnists Rebecca Johnson and Daniel Feldman to indie eyewear designers Patrizia Shelabarger (Patty Paillette) and Steven Faust (Eye Respect).

Some of the most fun encounters came with ECPs who already know and enjoy INVISION. Sandy Aradi Miller of Central Eyes in Jupiter, FL, recognized me from my photo in the magazine and introduced herself. I interviewed her on the spot for a story on the future of the vision care industry. I also enjoyed meeting ODs on Facebook founder Alan Glazier and Louis J L Fullagar of the Luxury Eyewear Forum in person and hearing Bad Habits, “the official eye docs of rock,” at B.B.King’s Blues Club. And of course I saw a LOT of wonderful new eyewear styles at dozens of exhibits.

Our May-June issue -- and other future issues of INVISION -- will be packed with stuff we learned at Vision Expo East: insights on the future of the industry, marketing tips, new products to boost your business, and services to help you attract and retain more patients and customers. I’m already looking forward to Vision Expo West in September, and I know I will meet many more people and get dozens more ideas there. But don’t feel you have to wait for the trade shows: I welcome your ideas and suggestions all year. Email me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. … connect with us on Facebook and Twitter … and join our Brain Squad of ECPs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Julie Fanselow

Julie Fanselow is INVISION editor-in-chief. She has been wearing glasses since the fourth grade -- right about the same time she decided she wanted to be a journalist. Coincidence?