13 Aug Write a Letter to Yourself

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Last week, Buzzfeed asked its readers to write a letter to themselves in five years. I have a long history of doing stuff like this. When my family had a New Year's Eve party with friends in 1999, I asked everyone -- ranging in age at that point from 5 to 75 -- to write a letter (on paper) to themselves in 10 years.The next day, after we'd all survived the big Y2K scare, I saved the letters and returned them to their authors in December 2009. And several times, as I've pondered big personal or professional decisions, I've used FutureMe to write myself a letter that the site will email me a few months or a year or so down the road. It's always a fascinating exercise.

Give it a try. Buzzfeed had people focus on embarrassing things to stop doing and funny things they'll want to remember, but you can also use a letter-to-yourself to imagine where you want your eyecare or eyewear business to be a year from now, or maybe five years from now, in 2020. Write a note to yourself; seal it for safekeeping; and set yourself a reminder to look at it. Or use FutureMe to send your letter to an email address you know you'll still have. If you like, you can even This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we may contact you about it in the future to hear how things went. (Be sure to put "My letter to the future" and a future date in the subject line, and include your name and contact info with the letter so we can follow up with you.)

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Julie Fanselow

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