13 Nov Courtney Dryer: Pretty Sells

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visual storytelling for optical dispensaries by courtney dryer

First impressions matter everywhere, including in your optical dispensary. Research shows that women are more attentive to visual storytelling -- and women make most buying decisions.

Why should visual merchandising matter to you? If you are an eyecare business owner, selling more eyewear means making more money -- period. And if you’re an associate OD with a still-less-than-full schedule and a salary dependent on production, you have the opportunity to boost your income by building up the optical sales at your workplace.

Here’s what visual merchandising means:

Bringing displays, products, and merchandise to life.

Arrangement of items to entice a customer, bring in customers, tell a story, or create ambiance.

Use of color, pattern, shape and texture in a way that appeals to the senses.

Changing merchandise position or location to receive more attention.

At my business, 4 Eyes Optometry, we separate our middle of the road frames from our luxury eyewear. We create visual displays that tell the story of the high-end lines. When we have a rep come in with a frame line, I like to ask them what is different about their line. What is their best selling point?

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Dr. Courtney Dryer owns 4 Eyes Optometry in Charlotte, NC, and is a regular contributor to New Grad Optometry.

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