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Online marketing is an important strategy to grow your business, but offline marketing tactics can boost the effectiveness of your online marketing and vice versa. Speaking to groups is a powerful tool for getting your community to know you as their eyecare professional. Here are five marketing tips to get you on your way:

1. Identify opportunities for eyecare education in your community. Align your practice with businesses where eye protection or eye strain is a part of the work environment. PTA’s, hospital staffs, clinical groups, nursing and retirement homes are just a few examples.

2. What can you offer? Document what you can speak about so that when you make contact, you have your talking points prepared and you have information you can quickly send by email or postal mail. Your offering should be free of charge and contain a few topics (which gives you flexibility with different audiences) that you will present. Decide if you are willing to provide lunch or coffee and dessert to go along with your presentation. This can be a strong “door opener.” /p>

3. Understand your mission. The main purpose of this activity is that community members get to meet you, in person and in a professional context. You've pointed out the need for eyecare, and they'll realize that you can help them remedy their eyecare problem. Think of this as a “first date.” How you come across to your audience will determine the number of “second dates” you receive.

4. Convey your differentiator. Answer the question, “Why should I be your eye doctor?” and make sure your answer is a compelling one. One practice offered free eyeglasses delivery to busy professionals who found it difficult to leave the office. Each time a pair of glasses were delivered and fitted at the office, it was an advertisement for that practice with that business’ employees.

5. Build your public speaking resume. Nothing will convince someone to invite you to speak to their organization more than previous speaking engagements. Keep a running list of places where you presented and a reference person at each location.

Public speaking takes time to develop, and it's time away from your office, but the return is often extraordinary.

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Daniel Rostenne

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