Warby Parker May Be Coming Your Way November 25, 2014
E-commerce pioneer is expanding brick-and-mortar presence. Online eyewear purveyor Warby Parker is opening real stores in trendy neighborhoods across the country,...
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Spray Could Eliminate Contact Lens Discomfort November 25, 2014
Small study in Australia shows promise. A small but promising study by Australian researchers suggests that applying a liposomal eyelid spray appears to reduce drying...
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Optometry Student Debt Can Reach $160,000 November 25, 2014
But high starting salaries help with the burden. The student newspaper at Oregon’s Pacific University takes a look at what it calls the “immense” debt incurred...
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Eyewear Giant Touts Facebook Ad Feature November 25, 2014
Company says the feature helps clarify the relationship between online contacts and instore sales. Retail giant Coastal Contacts -- $218 million in sales last year...
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New Eyewear Designer Offers Tips for Men November 25, 2014
It’s all about the swag, says Russell Westbrook. NBA star Russell Westbrook, whose first line of signature eyewear is now in stores, has been giving a lot of thought...
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Don't Over-React to Negative Feedback Don't Over-React to Negative Feedback November 24, 2014, publish in Brainstorms by David Squires
When making a change (new product line, opening hours, advertising campaign, store policy, website, whatever), expect feedback. And sometimes that...
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The Power of Connection The Power of Connection November 21, 2014, publish in Brainstorms by Julie Fanselow
I've become a big fan of The Story of Telling, a marketing blog by Bernadette Jiwa. Here's what she had to say today: What matters in world where.…we...
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Courtney Dryer: Pretty Sells Courtney Dryer: Pretty Sells November 13, 2014, publish in Guest Blogs by David Squires
First impressions matter everywhere, including in your optical dispensary. Research shows that women are more attentive to visual storytelling -- and...
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