Ask INVISION: Why Your Accounting Absolutely Needs To Be Spot-On

Fix your accounting system

Is it absolutely necessary to reconcile our books to the last penny? It seems a lot of effort for not much point.

There are some areas where you can disregard small discrepancies, but when it comes to reconciling the bank account to the general ledger you need to be “bang on all the time,” says David Brown of the Edge Retail Academy. It primarily has to do with security: A common embezzlement technique involves skimming small, seemingly random amounts of cash from revenue. Over many years, these mysterious discrepancies can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Keeping everything in order shouldn’t be that hard if you’ve computerized your accounting and your checking account reconciliation, Brown says.

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Ask INVISION: How ECPs Can Get More From Siri

Get more use from Siri

I’ve got an iPhone and have heard a lot about Siri. How can I use it in my business?

Too many people use Apple’s powerful voice-command system solely to play songs from iTunes and do basic web searches. But Siri is capable of much, much more. Here are just a few surprising things Siri can do for you: Find out next week’s weather. Get the daily UV index. Make the screen brighter. Launch an app. Get an app. Take a picture. Search for “images of new Tom Ford sunglasses.” You can even establish to Siri who is your wife and best friend are, and then tell your phone to call/message/Facetime/find the location of your wife or best friend. (Wouldn’t it be incredibly awkward if you found them together?) With assistance from Apple’s Home Kit Device commands, you can even lock your home or business’ front door, turn on or off your lights or adjust your thermostat. Get an extensive list of Siri voice commands at

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Ask INVISION: June 2016

How do I get better service from big vendors? Some companies will put me on hold for 20 minutes or ignore my requests for help.

Size matters, and it’s all about who you know. “The best way I know to get great service, no matter how large the company, is to make a friend on the inside,” advises Kate Peterson, the president of business consultancy Performance Concepts. “When you finally do make contact with that clerk, rep, service specialist, etc., take a few extra minutes and have a brief conversation. Listen, learn all you can, and keep notes. End your conversation with ‘You really have been terrific. Do you have a direct extension I can call next time? I would really rather deal with you.’” The next time you contact the company, Peterson advises, start with a friendly chat — not your issue. “You’ll be amazed at how quickly that person can get things done for you!” she says.
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