Smooth Sellers

Smooth Seller: Tami Hagemeyer

Tami Hagemeyer of Premier Vision Group

Tami Hagemeyer

Premier Vision Group, Bowling Green, OH

“I began my optical career by accident,” says Tami Hagemeyer, lead optician at Premier Vision Group in Bowling Green, OH.

Hagemeyer’s original plan was to attend college for fashion design but she noticed some blurry vision and called an optometrist’s office where a friend worked first. “She seemed relieved to hear from me and asked if I could to help her,” she says. “She was a single mother and needed a babysitter for the next day. She asked if I would watch her son or come and work for her at the office. I never imagined that when I decided to cover for her it would change my life.”

The OD hired Hagemeyer that day and she began training the next. Thirty-eight years later and she never made it to fashion design school.

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Smooth Seller: Erik Lawrence

Erik Lawrence of Roadrunner Eyecare



Don't let Erik Lawrence's seemingly intense demeanor fool you ... the man is a teddy bear. Passionate about his family, football and the delivery of exceptional eyecare, this married father of two has made his business a family business. “I brought my wife into the industry five years ago, she’s hooked now too,” says Lawrence, general manager, optician and optical manager of Roadrunner Eyecare. “During the summers and time off from school, my kids are here also. They each have their jobs around the office.”

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Smooth Seller: Daniel Brunson

Daniel Brunson of Hicks Brunson Eyewear

Daniel Brunson

Hicks Brunson Eyewear, Tulsa, OK

Have you ever met someone, gotten to know a little bit about them and thought, “Wow, why am I not doing more with my life?” Well, get prepared. Meet American Board of Opticinary-certified Daniel Brunson, the store manager of Hicks Brunson Eyewear, and the fourth generation to lead the team at this 64-year-old Tulsa, OK, optical shop. He’s a man who makes getting up at 5 a.m. seem oddly appealing.

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