A study in the Journal Of Marketing found that when customers do something environmentally conscious, like use a reusable bag, they are much more likely to treat themselves to junk food. The researchers tie this behavior to the “licensing effect,” where people allow themselves to do “something bad” after doing something they consider responsible and good. Don’t think tote bags will work for an optician?

Try whipping up a tray of green drinks for waiting patients. Anyone who puts themselves through that is bound to think they deserve some extra nice frames or a new pair of sunnies.

Or just get in the habit of effusively praising patients who do something like come in for regular check-ups. “I wish more of my patients looked after their vision as well as you do ...” And let your sunglass display reel them in as they try to leave.

This article originally appeared in the April 2017 edition of INVISION.

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