Do You Or Don't You: Do You Fit And Service Eyewear Purchased Online (Or Elsewhere)?

This article originally appeared in the October 2016 edition of INVISION.


All patients who come through our front door are potential customers, as are their friends and family, so we DO NOT charge when they ask for any adjustments on any of their eyewear. We give them a new case and cleaning solutions with our name, address and phone number. Texas L. Smith, Dr. Texas L. Smith & Associates, Citrus Heights, CA

We do not charge for the service. We use it as an opportunity to educate the patient, and online retailers make it pretty easy for us to re-capture those patients. More than half the time we verify an online Rx, it doesn’t pass our inspection. Katie Root, Latham Family Vision, Latham, NY

I don’t charge because offering that small service for free usually ends up in the client buying here. It’s all about customer service. Martha Downing, Advanced Ophthalmology Associates, Clawson, MI

I have signs posted that we are not responsible for broken frames or scratched lenses, and I have a waiver for people to sign also absolving me from responsibility. Jeff Grosekemper, Casa De Oro Eyecare, Spring Valley, CA

It gives us an opportunity to talk to them about the difference between online and the quality of ours. Many people don’t know the difference, and once educated they want to do what’s safest and healthiest for their eyes. Nytarsha Thomas, Visionelle Eyecare, Zionsville, IN

Most people don’t understand the value of a good optician. It is my goal to change that. From what I’ve experienced, most patients are surprised we don’t charge and even ask if they can pay. I always say, “You can pay us by referring a family member or a friend to our office.” It always gets a smile and a “Will do!” Deborah McDonald, North Oak Family Eyecare & Optical Valdosta, GA

We LOVE servicing glasses purchased elsewhere so we can wow them. Erin Pillsbury, Shasta Eye Medical Group, Redding, CA


We are an independent business and want no part of corporate online eyewear. Jana Lewis, Spectacle Eye Design, Austin, TX

We are very accommodating to patients and always want to make sure they get what they need from us. The exception is eyewear purchased elsewhere, especially online. This is a result of repairing frames of cheap quality in the past, resulting in accidental breakage. Inevitably you’re stuck holding the bag ... enter: free glasses to calm an upset patient. A. Blake Hutto, Family Vision Care, Alma, GA

We haven’t seen this too many times, but typically they come in because the glasses are so big they won’t stay on their face, and we simply tell them, I’m sorry, but the glasses are really just too big for your face, there really isn’t anything we can do to make them fit better. We cannot be responsible for breakage, and they would really have to be manipulated quite a bit, and that could cause them to break. Brenda Feltman, Exact Eye Care, Brandon, SD


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