Style Try-On: Three Looks To Match a Strong Jawline

There is nothing we like more at INVISION than seeing experts at their craft. The folks at Vision Associates in Girard, PA turned that expertise on one of their own. Katie Rickgauer, Laurie Heintz and Rick Rickgauer got in on a little Style Bar fun and fit Rick in three classic round shapes to complement his “masculine jawline.” Which is your favorite?

This article originally appeared in the September 2016 edition of INVISION.


Flexon Edison 600 210

This is a thinner metal in brown. Katie said I look like Harold Potter, Harry’s muggle relative ... distant relative.


Miyagi Kent 2538 color 2

A classic tortoise frame with a keyhole bridge. Laurie said if there was such a thing as a “human fly” I’d fit the bill.


Original Penguin The Jax Navy

My favorite. I like the color and style. Plus, it leaves room for my progressives.

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