Eye Pro Gear: Five Business-Boosting Products For September 2016

Glasses shirt from Anthropologie


EYE POWER KID’S WEAR designs fun T-shirts for kids who wear glasses, eye patches or have other visual impairments, as well as T-shirts for doctors looking for something fun to wear in their office. Its most popular T-shirt says “My glasses give me super powers!” eyepowerkidswear.com

PRICE: $16

This article originally appeared in the September 2016 edition of INVISION.

Optical dispenser problems t-shirt


WESTERN OPTICAL SUPPLY has introduced the EZGrip Driver, an ergonomically contoured screwdriver that offers a comfortable grip, a large rotating round cap, an opening in the shaft to see the blade configuration and a high degree of torque. Available in six colors, the EZGrip Driver can give any optician super strength. westernoptical.com

PRICE: $6.50 to $8

Douglas You Need Glasses book


Superman wears an “S” on his chest, while Clark Kent has his signature glasses. But now anyone can combine the two and customize their eyewear look thanks to the Eye-Beam, a laser engraver for optical materials, from EYEDNA. The Eye-Beam enables ECPs to create their own branded product by engraving names and logos on plastic and metal eyewear in seconds. eye-dna.com

PRICE: $13,000

Eyeball soap


MAGGIE JOYCE RECYCLING fashions beautiful colorful jewelry out of recycled optical lenses. She dyes them bright colors and depending on the Rx the lenses have different thicknesses and shapes. She makes pins, necklaces, earrings and even buttons for clothing. A slide necklace is shown. invmag.us/9162

PRICE: $209

Nerd glasses


Sometimes you just have to spell it out and that’s where the vinyl wall decals from VINYL WALL ACCENTS on Etsy come in. Made in the USA, the company offers standard and custom designs in a variety of sizes to express anything and everything your practice has to say. invmag.us/9161

PRICE: Varies