Eye Pro Gear: June 2016

Best stuff for eyecare pros for March 2016


1 Machine-washable SCHATZII Smart Cloths are are antimicrobial, anti-static and anti-dust, not to mention the perfect way to boldly keep glasses and screens clean without sprays. The dual-sided cloths with a plush microfiber on one side for buffing and a uniquely patterned smooth side on the other for polishing, are durable enough to look good for years to come. schatzii.com

PRICE: $10


2This handmade pottery eyeglass holder jar from TAMARACK STONEWARE on Etsy is designed to be a versatile personal assistant that can hold glasses, keys, jewelry, or pocket change. Or take a cue from Cleve Barham (America’s Finest, page 68) and add it to your diverse collection of frame stands for merchandising purposes. invmag.us/nose

PRICE: $24.99


3 Want to open your favorite beverage with optical flair? Try the Spectacle Bottle Opener from BLUSH. If wine is more your thing — and for some crazy reason you didn’t finish that bottle of wine in one go — the company also offers a Cat Eye Bottle Stopper for you teetotalers. invmag.us/opener

PRICE: $7.99


4 Patients looking at their reflections in an eyeshaped mirror seems a bit meta, but we’re not complaining when the mirror looks this good. The Eye mirror from HOET EYECATCHERS is just that, eye-catching, as are the company’s other selections of mirrors and displays. australianoptical.com

PRICE: 259


5 It’s an OD’s worst nightmare — seeing a contact lens wearer use saliva to rinse their lens. Well, ALCON has launched Clear Care Rinse & Go for quick, gentle contact lens rinsing at home or on the go to combat just this problem. Optometrists rejoice! alcon.com

PRICE: 4 oz. $4.99, 12 oz. $7.99

This article originally appeared in the June 2016 edition of INVISION.