“The medical marijuana debate should really be more about future drug development,” he says.

While a study published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows possible benefits to the use of medical marijuana for patients suffering from chronic nerve pain, cancer or multiple sclerosis, there is little to no evidence that it helps those dealing with sleep disorders, Tourette's syndrome or eye pressure from glaucoma. In a seminar on the subject at a recent Optometry's Meeting event, Dr. Bob Prouty gave a memorable answer when describing the debatable merits of medical marijuana in glaucoma treatment, saying: “You’ve got to be dosed out of your gourd for (it) to have any effect.” Dr. Prouty did leave the door open for future advances in research, however, adding: “Rather than focusing on the drug control policy, the medical marijuana debate should really be more about future drug development.”

Live Science | Optometry Times



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