T.J. Eaton and Rich Amundson raised $236,000 on Kickstarter for their subscription sunwear service.

Think Dollar Shave Club, but for sunglasses.

So far, T.J. Eaton and Rich Amundson have raised more than $236,000 on Kickstarter to launch their startup Shades Club, a subscription service for sunglasses that the Courier-Post says resembles Dollar Shave Club’s business model. Their motivation to start the business, the newspaper explains, came after they grew frustrated with paying too much for a product that cost much less to manufacture. “(Sunglasses) are marked up to over 20 times what they actually cost to make. With the huge price tags, it’s been impossible to afford all the sunglasses you need. You lose them and break them easily, and they’re a pain to purchase and replace. … We were completely fed up,” Eaton told the Courier-Post.

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