A similar tactic is employed by Amazon.

For the exception of folks who take up residence beneath rocks, everyone knows that millennials are seeking improved work environments from those of their forebears. And companies are responding in kind, going to longer lengths to recruit and retain talent from the newest working generation.

Forbes cites Warby Parker as one such company, explaining how the retailer’s onboarding process caters to millennial ambition. One of Warby’s methods for doing this is sending new hires an electronic welcome packet that includes a list of expectations for the first day, week and month on the job, effectively outlining a career path for them. This is similar to what’s done at Amazon, which provides new employees with a “Launch Your Career” roadmap. As writer Neil Howe explains: “These offerings are not only perfect for millennials who want to rise to the top of the corporate ladder, but they also help managers set clear expectations and keep overzealous millennials grounded.”

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