She was born without eyelids and can’t develop tears.

A cat who must wear sunglasses because of an eye condition has achieved social media stardom, the Daily Mail writes. The article explains how Bagel the grey cat was born without eyelids and is unable to produce tears. She underwent three surgeries to improve the condition, but still must wear sunglasses for protection and have eye drops applied three times daily by her owner, Karen McGill of Los Angeles. Thankfully, Bagel has grown accustomed to her eyewear, “associating wearing them with a feeling of comfort and protection.”

This, of course, is the stuff from which social media legends are made. Bagel is better known as “Sunglass Cat” to her 28,800 followers on Instagram, where you’ll find scores of adorable photos like the ones the Daily Mail published.

Here’s the video report:

Read more at the Daily Mail



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