Positive study results announced for first-of-its-kind topical treatment.

Encore Vision, an ophthalmic pharmaceutical company, announced positive results of a study that tested the safety and effectiveness of its topical treatment for presbyopia. The press release says that “EV06 is a novel topical therapy that targets presbyopia by restoring crystalline lens flexibility, thereby allowing the lens to focus on nearby objects.”

The release also says that this was the first clinical study of a medical treatment aimed at the root cause of presbyopia. As Dr. Richard L. Lindstrom – a consultant to Encore Vision – told Ocular Surgery News in December: “It is fascinating. It’s the only clinical trial that I am aware of that is actually trying to go to the basic physiology of presbyopia, which is a reduction in the flexibility and shape-changing ability of the natural lens. This is the only project out there that I am aware of that is actually trying to treat that directly.”

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