Founders are taking sustainable manufacturing to another level.

Mosevic, a European sunglass startup, was profiled by TreeHugger for its creativity in sustainable product design and the way it uses old jeans to craft stylish pairs of shades.

The article describes the manufacturing process like this: “Pieces of fabric are pressed into molds with a special synthetic resin to create a tough composite material, which Mosevic calls Solid Denim. Once hard, the frames are cut by computer-controlled machinery, then stonewashed for texture and appearance. They are finished by hand in the workshop, with the addition of polarized Zeiss lenses and tough barrel hinges. The frame arms are reinforced by steel wires to make them sturdy and adjustable. Even the nose pads are built by adding more layers of denim where the frames rest on your nose.”

Mosevic, the article adds, was founded by Jack Spencer and Alex Boswell. All development and manufacturing takes place in their private workshop.

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