Jamal Robinson won $35,000 in the Ivy Tech Community College Northeast New Venture Competition.

He plans to launch a new line.

A designer of eyeglasses won $35,000 in an Indiana business competition.

Jamal Robinson is the sixth champion of Ivy Tech Community College Northeast’s New Venture Competition, according to Ivy Tech Northeast News.

The money will serve as capital for Robinson’s business, DESIAR Eyewear.

Ivy Tech Northeast News explains that Robinson sold his first pair of DESIAR Eyewear in 2012. In 2014, companies such as Luxottica, TJX and The Aldo Group began to carry DESIAR sunglasses. With the new funding, Robinson will launch a line of eyewear that features wooden frames and is manufactured entirely in Indiana.

As part of the competition, he presented his business plan to more than 30 judges, all of whom were professionals in the community, according to the website.

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