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Designer Hussein Chalayan collaborated with Intel Corp. on a collection of eyeglasses and belts that “illustrate the potential of future integrations of fashion and technology.”

The styles, powered by Intel technology, were unveiled at Chalayan’s spring/summer 2017 runway show at Paris Fashion Week.

The theme of the “Room Tone” show and collection centered on “the here and now of London life,” according to Intel.

Intel explains that with the Intel Curie module, sensors located on the glasses gather biometric data from the wearer, measuring the body’s real-time reactions to stress.

The module is described as “a tiny hardware product that provides designers and makers the ability to add functions and capabilities to a wide range of wearables.”

Intel further explains that the glasses connect to a wearer’s belt. The belt contains an Intel Compute Stick, which “captures the biometric data and translates it by projecting visualizations interpreting the wearer’s "stress level" onto a wall via a small Pico projector.”

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Designer Hussein Chalayan collaborated with Intel on a collection of eyeglasses and belts.Courtesy: Intel Corp.

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