He knew nothing about the eyewear business when he started.

Business Insider recently caught up with Hugo Taylor, co-founder of British sunglasses brand Taylor Morris, to talk about how his success in growing the business.

Taylor was a star on the reality show “Made in Chelsea,” which airs on Britain’s Channel 4. He said he knew “absolutely nothing” about the business before launching Taylor Morris three years ago.

He and co-founder Charlie Morris relied on connections, including some with celebrities, to get things rolling early on. Taylor told Business Insider that, without much funding, “you use everything you have at your disposal to try and beg, borrow and steal your way in.”

The sunglasses are now available at Bloomingdales and British retailer Harvey Nichols. And the company is connecting with major names in other ways, such as launching a collection with England-based automaker Morgan Motor Co.

The company’s website explains that its eyewear “combines British sartorial elegance and timeless Hollywood glamour, drawing inspiration from cultural and fashion icons such as James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, J. F. Kennedy, Monroe and Steve McQueen.”

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