They’ve been in business since 1994.

After a foul-up with some paperwork years ago, Dr. Shari Gustin and her husband, optician Michael Gustin, had to establish some boundaries, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reports.

Literal boundaries.

She told him: “See this line on the carpet? This is your side and this is my side. You handle this and I’ll handle the optometry side.”

They’ve been operating Webster Eyecare Associates in Webster, NY, since 1994, and Michael Gustin says, “We’ve made it on our service.”

Today they have 13 full-time employees and a full-service lab.

Competition has increased over the years with optical chains opening in the region, the Democrat & Chronicle notes.

But Michael Gustin explains: “The chains don’t deal with the best products on the market. The employees there don’t have pride in it. People want to be called by name.”

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