But some refuse.

A few ECPs have fit prescription lenses into Snapchat Spectacles, the popular new product that allows users to capture short videos.

But many others want nothing to do with the idea.

Business Insider quotes a LensCrafters spokesperson saying the company has “fitted a handful of Snapchat spectacles with lenses in our stores.” But the service is on a “case-by-case basis,” the spokesperson said, noting: “Ultimately, we need to be sure every lens we create for a frame is done so to the highest standard of quality.”

One Twitter user posted that he’d had no luck with such an endeavor.

“Visited two optometrists today about making prescription lenses for Spectacles, but neither wanted to risk it,” he wrote.

Snap Inc., maker of Spectacles, has little to say on the matter. It suggests that users talk with an eyecare professional.

The sunglasses have a built-in camera capable of recording video. They allow wearers to share videos using the popular Snapchat app. Available in teal, coral or black, the glasses carry a price tag of $130.

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