A proposed law would limit the practice.

The battle over online eye exams has erupted in Connecticut.

State Rep. Kevin Ryan, who holds a doctor of optometry degree, has put forth a bill that would require an in-person exam from an optometrist or ophthalmologist in order for a patient to get a contact lens prescription, The Associated Press reports.

"Our concern is making sure that people get the health of their eyes checked," he said.

Several states have passed legislation limiting online eye exams, effectively shutting out companies such as Chicago Opternative that operate with an online model. Examples include South Carolina, Georgia and Indiana.

Opternative opposes the Connecticut legislation.

Dr. Steven Lee, an Opternative co-founder, is quoted saying: "New clinically proven technologies like Opternative would be blocked from providing patients access to safe, convenient and low-cost prescriptions for glasses and contacts." 

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