(Press Release) Proof Eyewear and HELP International teamed up to serve the communities of El Salvador in Central America this summer.

Members of both the Proof and HELP crew partnered up with a group of volunteers in executing projects related to economic development, environmental conservation, education, and visual health.

“We’re really excited to release the photo and video footage to those who play the biggest role in our Do Good Program, our customers. The Travel Journal allows them to join us on our journey from start to finish,” said Tanner Dame, COO of Proof Eyewear.

The project started with the design of special edition sunglasses; the colorful print on the wooden frames was inspired by internationally recognized Salvadoran artist, Fernando Llort Choussy.

Each frame was handcrafted using a complete skateboard deck with the printed El Salvador Project graphic, showing that each purchase is part of something bigger. One hundred percent of proceeds from the sale of this unique design were donated to the El Salvador Project.


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