(Press Release) SOMERVILLE, NJ – Marcolin USA Eyewear Corp. has announced the recruitment of Chris Robinson as its new senior vice president of the optical channel and Tom Carberry as senior vice president of commercial operations.

Both Robinson and Carberry will report directly to CEO Fabrizio Gamberini. Robinson will be responsible for identifying opportunities across the optical channel organization. Carberry will be focused on improving the overall commercial operations and devising a strategy for improving customer service development, training, sales operation and overall sales and product performance management.

They both bring with them several years of experience, established processes and personal equity in the eyewear industry.

“Chris Robinson and Tom Carberry are both outstanding leaders with the right blend of characteristics — passion for eyewear, drive, sales and customer service leadership as well as intellect to guide results, in the complexity of a growing organization that is both brands-oriented and product development-focused,” says Gamberini.