Florida Eye Doctor Settles Medicare Allegations for $1 Million


She's said to have used the money to fund a career as a pop singer.

Lake Worth, FL, ophthalmologist Monique Barbour and her company, Clear Vue Eye Center Inc., will pay $1 million to settle claims she overbilled Medicare, the Sun-Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale reports. According to the story, Barbour, who moonlights as a pop singer with the name Anayya Von Kitten (see one of her music videos below), allegedly billed excessive amounts for visits to nursing and assisted living facilities. A former employee who alerted authorities said in a written statement that she believes Barbour used Medicare money to fund a lavish lifestyle, "buying multiple homes and cars, owning numerous businesses, starting charities, attending night club events, participating in televised interviews, and even attempting to pursue a career as a pop star."

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