Oakley’s New Smart Sunglasses Are Here — and They’re Cooler than Google Glass


They help with health and fitness.

Oakley’s new smart sunglasses, called Radar Pace, will start shipping on Oct. 1.

Developed in partnership with Intel, the glasses pack a variety of features for health and fitness, according to an IDG News Service article published at PC World.

In essence they serve as “a voice-activated coach that answers questions and provides fitness training recommendations,” according to the article.

They have various sensors to collect information such as speed and heart rate, and they sync up with a smartphone app using Bluetooth.

The sunglasses will sell for $449.

The glasses are different from those of some competitors in the wearables space in that the technology isn’t on prominent display, IDG News Service notes. That’s a major factor in setting them apart from Google Glass.

That said, the earphones are noticeable enough.

For what it’s worth, PC World says Radar Pace sunglasses “look undeniably cool,” and Mashable says they “at a glance, still look like normal eyewear.”

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