Other Products Have This Feature — So Why Not Eyeglasses?


An entrepreneur created this unusual eyewear because of “the oddity of it.”

A Chicago entrepreneur is creating a line of reflective eyewear designed to help keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe at night.

They’re called Reflectacles, and they’re the brainchild of Scott Urban, who for years made wooden frames, ChicagoInno reports.

The glasses glow differently depending on the angle at which light hits them, much like a stop sign. They’re available with clear lenses or prescription lenses, and they can be purchased as sunglasses, too. (In addition to keeping people safe, the glasses can serve as a cool party adornment.)

Urban is quoted as saying: "The oddity of it drives me to it. There’s nobody doing reflective eyeglasses, whereas it’s all over shoes, running jackets, hoodies.”

Urban Spectacles, the company through which Urban created his wooden glasses, has some fairly big names as clients, including Reggie Watts, band leader for the Late Late Show, according to ChicagoInno. Watts can be seen below wearing a pair of Reflectacles.

Urban will sell Reflectacles via a Kickstarter campaign at first for less $100 a pair, ChicagoInno reports. He later plans to branch out to stores or online sales.

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