Reversible Sunglasses Are Plain on One Side, Patterned on the Other


Inventor will seek funding in Indiegogo campaign.

Insider reports on inventor Raffi Holzer, 27, who had an idea as he looked at sunglasses worn by a classmate in a product design course at the University of Pennsylvania. The result: Peeq, a soon-to-launch line of reversible sunglasses, plain on one side, patterned on the other. "I'm a mechanical guy and I'm thinking, 'There's got to be a way to flip them around and have the design on either side,'" he says. The article says Holzer will use a forthcoming Indiegogo campaign to fund development of the eyewear, which is based on a patented reversible hinge.

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A reversible hinge allows sunwear from Peeq to offer two distinct looks.