These Sunglasses Are Made of Something You’d Seriously Never Think Of


They’re eco-friendly and they definitely stand out.

You probably sell a variety frames made of plastic and metal, and perhaps even some made of less common materials such as wood or buffalo horn. One thing’s nearly certain, though: None of them are made of denim. But that could change. Mosevic, based in the United Kingdom, has created sunglasses made of old blue jeans, the Huffington Post reports. The firm’s two collections are called Worn and Signature Denim. Co-founder Jack Spencer explains that the company buys damaged jeans from old charity shops and presses layers of the material into molds. The stuff is then “soaked in a special synthetic resin that creates a tough composite material the brand calls solid denim,” according to the Huffington Post. The end result: Sunglasses that are environmentally friendly and stand out.

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