Kentucky Optometrists Opt For Artisan-Made Eyewear


Now sourcing frames from around the world.

A new optical store in Kentucky is selling artisan eyewear in a way that brings to mind the region’s reputation for “small-batch” bourbon, according to an article in the Lane Report.

Optometrists Dawn Stratton, Heechung Ko and Richard Mangan wanted to offer great frames but were finding it hard to do so at prices that were affordable for patients. The new boutique in Lexington focuses on frames from independent designers.

“We found fantastic alternatives by searching for artisan-made eyewear that’s well-crafted and 100 percent unique,” Stratton tells the Lane Report.

The Lexington Herald-Leader, in its own article about the shop, explains that the frames come from far and wide.

Stratton tells the Herald-Leader that she and her co-owners “started to do some research and discovered that there are many independent, very small artisans from around the world that handcraft their frames.”

And the connection to bourbon runs slightly deeper than the artisanal nature of the frames. On its website, J. Galt describes its space in the city’s Chevy Chase neighborhood as featuring “reclaimed bourbon barrel wood, comfy furniture and a wall of amazing frames.”

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