This Trend Will ‘Reshape Retail’ … Here’s How to Get Ready


You’re probably already familiar with some of the tools.

You’re probably familiar with virtual try-on tools for eyeglasses — but did you know that such technology is just the beginning of a wave that’s hitting retail?

A new article in Harvard Business Review explains how businesses can benefit from virtual and augmented reality — which will “reshape retail.” The one you’re more likely to encounter for now is augmented reality, which, as the article explains, “overlays virtual elements onto the real world as seen through a smartphone or tablet.” (An eyeglasses try-on app, for example.)

Before adopting the technology, one key point is to figure out how you would use it: Is it for use by customers in the store or at home? It’s also crucial to set specific financial or usage goals to make sure it’s helping your business.

According to the article: “Deciding how to play early, and which bets to place now, will let retailers take the lead in this technology.”

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