Shire and Jennifer Aniston Team Up to Promote Dry Eye Awareness


(Press Release) LEXINGTON, MA – Jennifer Aniston is one of the millions of Americans who experience symptoms consistent with chronic dry eye. In partnership with Shire plc, Aniston is encouraging people to make eye health a priority, and is raising awareness and understanding about chronic dry eye symptoms, like the ones she experiences. She hopes to educate and inspire people to chat with their eye doctor about what's really going on with their eyes.

"My eyes often become dry, itchy and irritated, especially when I am reading or outside," says Aniston. "The symptoms were bothering me so much that I finally decided to speak with my eye doctor, and learned I have dry eye." Getting Americans to talk about those chronic dry eye symptoms is what inspired Shire to launch eyelove, an educational awareness campaign.

To get people to prioritize their eye health, eyelove will provide information that helps them recognize that symptoms may interrupt common activities like reading, driving or working at a computer. Shire hopes people will visit their eye doctor to talk about dry eye symptoms that may be getting in the way of the things they love to do.

"Shire is thrilled to partner with Jennifer Aniston to help educate people about dry eye and the steps they can take to maintain and improve their eye health," said Robert Dempsey, head of ophthalmics franchise at Shire. "As a leading biotech company, we are passionate about making a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of patients."

To bring the eyelove experience to life, New York City will play host to the Eyelove Art Project at the High Line on Friday, Oct. 7, 9 a.m.-6 p.m., and Saturday, Oct. 8, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Visitors will be invited to share their own personal eyelove before creating a unique artistic image of their eye via a customized photo capture. The photo will then be projected onto a large screen, showcasing each person's eyelove art. Participants can share their eyelove art via social media channels. People can also visit to create their own art.

"With the eyelove campaign and our exciting event in NYC, we hope to ignite women to show some eyelove and encourage their girlfriends to do the same," said Vic Noble, head of marketing for ophthalmics at Shire. "We know that while women with dry eye are doing the best they can to minimize the interruptions that symptoms have on their daily lives, eyelove is intended to highlight the importance of having a conversation with their eye doctor."

On, a story-driven site that features leading eye doctors as well as women with dry eye, consumers can find information to help better recognize the symptoms of dry eye, learn about the causes, and can access a conversation guide to speak with their eye doctor.