Roundup of best gear for eyecare professionals

I T ’ S    A   S N A P

Easily remove display lenses from a rimlon eyewire frame with these new lens-splitting pliers. Just one squeeze and the job is done. A video on Western Optical Supply’s website shows this handy tool in action.

P R I C E : $44.50

Q U I C K - C H A N G E    A R T

Wall tiles and graphics from Blik make fast, inexpensive accents to your office decor. This pattern from the designer Spires comes in a package of two self-adhesive sheets of 24 by 48 inches.

P R I C E : $50

G I V E    I T    A    S P I N

Looking for a standout accent piece for your dispensary? Pick up this handcrafted hardwood table-top piece with a luxurious finish and its own magnifying mirror. From Backyard Spectacles, an optician-owned business producing custom dispensing tables, frames-inspired wall art and more.

P R I C E : $300

S C R E E N    G E M

Super-easy to install and use, the American-made DAS Digital Acuity System is powered by a computer the size of a pack of gum that plugs into the 19-inch high-def monitor. Includes rechargeable remote. Discounts available when you buy two or more.

P R I C E : $895

C O M F Y   C L E A N S E

At last, an improved contact lens cleaning solution. Bausch + Lomb’s PeroxiClear 3 percent hydrogen peroxide cleaning and disinfecting solution offers up to 20 hours of moisture and provides a speedier disinfection time, neutralizing in four hours (compared to six with other peroxides).

M S R P : About $10 for 12 ounces

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