Roundup of best gear for eyecare professionals


A new safety eyewear line from Wiley X is sure to please John Deere fans. Seven models (including the Drill-X pictured here) have the same technology and OSHA-grade protection used in the eyewear brand’s glasses for NASCAR drivers and pro bass

P R I C E : From $54.99


Let patients and customers know you care with a birthday card. This design (“Eye Spy”) is one of many styles available to convey your good wishes — and perhaps spur a return visit or referral. Write your own message or get them personalized. Discount pricing for quantity orders.

P R I C E : $100 for 100 cards


The Shamir SPARK digital measurement device is a 3D tool and software that uses the iPad camera to automatically calculate frame measurements based on a single picture. Great for customizing free-form lenses and giving patients a more precise fit.

P R I C E : $1,499


New from Coburn Technologies, Pinnacle Lite Polish can help you achieve consistent, high-luster surfaces on finished lenses. The polishing slurry has a lower impact on skin and equipment and provides better adhesion on backside-coated lenses. In 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.

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Saving Sight tells the stories of modern surgical heroes and the pioneers who invented cataract surgery, Lasik and more. An reviewer says she finished it in one night. Author Dr. Andrew Lam is an eye surgeon in Massachusetts who earned a history degree at Yale before med school.

P R I C E : $12.95

This article originally appeared in the March 2015 edition of INVISION.


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