While the sun is the largest source of Harmful Blue Light1 , at least a hundred times greater than artificial sources, today’s patients live in a digital world. Between LED television screens, fluorescent lights and smartphones, nearly 60% of Americans are on a digital device for five or more hours each day.2 Recent research on the effects of Harmful Blue Light has sparked a need for solutions in the eye care world. Since the first Varilux® progressive lens was introduced in 1959, Varilux has been the innovation leader in the progressive lens category. The latest example, the Smart Blue Filter™ feature, is embedded into Varilux digital progressive lenses to protect wearers from the dangers of Harmful Blue Light both indoors and out. You can also find the Smart Blue Filter feature embedded in Eyezen™+ (enhanced SV) and Transitions® lenses.

What is Harmful Blue Light?

Blocking Harmful Blue Light is a valuable benefit for patients, regardless of age or prescription. This band of visible light, defined as wavelengths of 415 to 455nm, has been shown to negatively impact the retina over time. Lenses with Essilor’s Smart Blue Filter feature are designed to help reduce at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light3 from entering the eye, while allowing Beneficial Blue Light to penetrate — wavelengths commonly believed to regulate sleep and wake cycles.4

Benefits of Smart Blue Filter

According to a 2016 Vision Council report, 90% of patients neglect to discuss their digital device usage with an eyecare provider.5 This translates to a largely uninformed population who can benefit from being made aware of solutions that are available.

Smart Blue Filter may provide long-term health benefits as well. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of visual loss. Prolonged exposure to Harmful Blue Light can be a risk factor for AMD6 along with age, tobacco use and genetic factors. A serious worldwide problem, AMD is expected to worsen as life expectancies increase.

About the Lenses

The most dependable way to give your patients the sharpest vision possible is by prescribing the most advanced lens designs. Varilux digital lenses featuring Smart Blue Filter (Varilux S Series™, Varilux® Physio® W3+, Varilux Comfort® W2+, Varilux Physio DRx™ and Varilux Comfort DRx™) are aesthetically clear, unlike other blue light protection lenses which often come with a slight colored tint.

Varilux continues to set the pace for innovation and design, and your patients will love the benefits their Varilux lenses offer with the addition of the Smart Blue Filter at no additional cost.

Add Crizal® Prevencia® to any lens design with Smart Blue Filter and give your patients even more protection.

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