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Every once in a while, you'll read a story of extraordinary customer service that netted immeasurable goodwill among customers and people like me, who’d never heard of the place.

Here’s one from my files that stands out because it didn't take extensive planning or even a conscious decision to get big results, just a generous impulse and a sense of service. Here's what happened: A National Guard officer serving in Afghanistan wanted to surprise his wife on her birthday. She loves pizza from a chain called Mellow Mushroom, so he emailed the corporate office and asked whether the Mellow Mushroom near his house could deliver her a pizza and a $50 gift certificate. If so, he’d call the store with his credit card information.

Here’s where someone at corporate who really was thinking -- who really had customer service ingrained into his being -- stepped in. Not only could that local store fulfill the soldier’s request, staff there made the pizza heart-shaped, and the delivery driver stopped off for a balloon and a bouquet of flowers and brought a camera to snap the reaction of the soldier’s wife. All at no charge to the soldier. “Of course, we weren’t going to charge him anything,” said the guy at corporate.

The National Guard officer posted this happy tale on Mellow Mushroom’s Facebook page, and the company has received 65,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments in just a few days after their particularly special delivery.

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Shows you how instilling the customer service reflex can pay off big.

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