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A RECENT BOOK suggests what you are touching could affect the way you negotiate — and more important — the way your customer negotiates or is willing to part ways with her money.

In Sensation: The New Science of Physical Intelligence, author Thalma Lobel relates her experience of selling a property. She and her husband went into the negotiation with the buyers with price firm in mind, they sat down at a table where they had a cup of hot coffee, and she found herself caving to the buyer’s demands. As a woman and wife, Lobel said in an interview with American Public Media’s Marketplace radio show, her first reaction was to blame her husband for lowering the price.

But Lobel’s training as a psychologist made her wonder whether the warmth of that coffee mug had something to do with her openness to negotiate. Her book is a result of that piqued interest, and from the interview with her at least, it sounds fascinating.

Want to stay firm on price? Studies show that touching something cold, hard or rough will give you more backbone.

Want your customers a little bit more malleable? Give them something warm to drink and a soft chair to sit in — or a puppy to pet? (It’s no wonder puppies sell themselves.)

Intrigued? Be sure to pick up a copy. (It’s a good one to buy in physical book form, from what I understand: The cover has both smooth and rough sides.)

Listen to the interview with Lobel here.

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